Early intervention program

is a system of services that helps infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities.



NYC Early Intervention (E.I.) is a program for children with identified disabilities or developmental delays from birth to (3) years old.
After a child is evaluated and found eligible for services,  a team of professionals working with your child will
develop an individualized treatment plan to address his/her needs. At Kids First E.I. our mission is to foster your child’s development so that they reach their fullest potential.

Our agency promotes embedded coaching, a collaboration between the interventionist and family. This type of coaching empowers caregivers to incorporate supportive strategies into their child’s natural routine. Ultimately, the goal is to give families the skills and knowledge so that they can use everyday routines and learning opportunities to engage their child.

E.I. is unique from other forms of childhood therapy because we address developmental delays during a child’s formative years. For us at Kids First E.I. we recognize the challenges ahead and are here to support your family while working towards bridging the gap.